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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What steps do you take to make your 100% gluten free food safe?

All of our ingredients are carefully selected by our executive chef to make sure that everything that we use is 100% gluten free We have a dedicated kitchen area exclusively for our gluten free cooking. We only prepare gluten free food and have no chance of cross contamination.

2 / Where do you ship your meals?

We ship our meals accross the United States with the exception of Hawaii & Alaska.

3 / How are the meals packaged and shipped?

All meals are packaged individually and are packaged in a box with a styrofoam cooler. We carefully package your meals with a combination of gel ice packs and dry ice to ensure that your meals arrive cold.

4/ If I place a large order can items be frozen?

Although our food has no preservatives, there are certain meals that will certainly freeze well. We do not recommend freezing our fish entrees. Soups freeze amazingly. You can always place the container in a freezer bag and store in the freezer. If you need to freeze our meals you may.

5/ How long will it take to receive my shipment?

All of our shipments go out on Monday via UPS. If you live in the tri state area your meals will arrive on Tuesday. All other states your meals will arrive on Wednesday. You will be provided with tracking information via email when your order ships.

6/ How do you heat the meals?

All of our entrees and breakfast items can simply be heated in the microwave with the lid on to prevent splattering for approximately 2 minutes or until heated through.

Our soups can either be heated in the microwave with the lid on or in a pot on the stovetop.

All paninis should be reheated in an airfryer for approximately 4 minutes or until melty.

7/ Who are our meals perfect for?

Our meals are perfect for busy working professionals, busy moms that do not have the time to cook, college students that are gluten intolerant and have a hard time finding gluten free options at their universities, excellent for empty nesters and elderly. clients that do not have the ability to be able to cook fresh gluten free meals. Of course, our meals are excellent for anyone who wants to follow a gluten free diet and even if you are not gluten free you can still enjoy our meals because they are delicious!

8/ How many people does a meal serve?

All of our meals are high end, restaurant quality chef crafted meals and are individual servings.

9/ Are your food containers BPA free?

All of our packaging is BPA free for your safety and are microwavable. 

10/ How long are the meals good for and do they arrive fresh or frozen?

The average shelf life of our meals have a shelf life of 7 days and 3 days on the fish entrees once you receive them.

All of our meals are made fresh and will arrive to you that way. 

11/ How often does your menu change?

Our menus rotate weekly to always keep our customers excited.

12/ Are you a meal subscription?

We at Fresh Variety Meals do not believe in the subscription model. We want our customers to be able to order when they want to and in the quantities that suit their needs. 

13/ When do I need to place my order to have my meals shipped on Monday?

Our team recommends that you place your order each week as soon as possible to ensure that you can order from the entire menu as we do sell out often of our chefs specialties. Our deadline for Monday shipping is Sunday by noon, however, place your order sooner than that to make sure we can accomodate your order.

14/ What is the shipping cost?

Our shipping fee is $19.99. We package your meals with the utmost care in premium shipping boxes to ensure that your meals arrive perfect to you.

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